Experience the skies of
Saudi Arabia


The Helicopter Company (THC) is a unique and exciting new endeavor conceived by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), offering a wide range of commercial helicopter services to enhance the aviation environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Some of our Services

Our Fleet

The AW139 is a twin-engine helicopter that is well known for its spacious and comfortable cabins. It is extensively operated worldwide and is renowned for its safety and reliablity.

Our AW139 fleet has been carefully selected to provide various cabin configurations that cater to an array of customer requirements in different markets.

  • AW139

  • Configurations:
    VVIP 5-7
    Corporate 8-12
    Utility up to 14
    EMS: up to 3 stretchers
  • H125

  • Configurations:
    VIP and Utility 5
    EMS: 1 stretcher

The H125 is a single engine, multi-task helicopter. It carries up to 5 passengers and can easily be reconfigured for various missions.

Our selection of H125's have been configured to cater to a variety of mission including Aerial Work. Tourism. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Private Charter Flights.